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Oso Famous

You have our hearts. We will miss you always.


I Am Revenge

We have also have a piece of this filly born of Lady Bertrando and Stephen Got Even

Here is a video of a different horse sired by "Stephen Got Even", named "I Want Revenge" from which our filly took her name:


NEWS! Our little filly has her first win! A one mile race at Emerald Downs on September 2nd 2013. Here's a link to the results sheet:


Here are earlier photos of  I Am Revenge

We still have a piece of the Breeder Listing for this little guy:

Named after the fastest thing in the universe: Photon (foaled April 30th, 2009)

Photon News Items:

Races / Workouts

2/08/12 - Gulfstream Park  2/08/12 Race 1 Claiming 2nd Place

1/19/12 - Gulfstream Park Race 3 Maiden Claiming 1st  Place

First Official Workout!- at Arlington Park as a 2 year old 7/10/11:

All Weather Track
3 furlongs 37.60 seconds Breezing ( no use of the whip ) Rank 13/19 ( 13 of the 19 that ran that morning. His first work and the other horses in that batch could be 4 years old and champs. BOTTOM LINE: he done good :-)


Photon was born around 9am on April 30th 2009: listen to the announcement (mp3)

Legs for DAYS!!

He struggled a bit for the first several hours but came through the birth fog like a champion. The white thing covers the meds-port. Blood work is all good and he's ready to get big and strong like Mom and Pop...

Here are shots from just a couple days later...

Here's lookin' at you, kid

Ain't we pretty?

That's my Mom, mind yer manners.

I can be on my own, too!


Here he is on June 9th. Good grief, he's growing like a WEED! And look at that stance.

Frolicking with Mommy

A mid July Day - just 2 and a half months old - and looking like the winner he is.


Early September.. He's a teenager now :-) and runnin' with the pack

Photon's Buddy
Photon says "Hi" to his buddy, Tippy  May, 2010

With Paula York
Talking with Paula - May 2010 - Just about one year old now :-) and big as a HORSE!

Movie Star
Ready for his close-up May, 2010

Here's the story on Photon's Poppa, Invasor (download the pdf)

In the Winner's Circle at the Breeder's Cup Classic

Invasor's Race Record Details

Age Starts 1st 2nd 3rd Earned
2 1 1 0 0 $3,024
3 4 4 (4) 0 0 $111,046
4 5 4 (4) 0 0 $3,790,000
5 2 2 (2) 0 0 $3,900,000
Totals 12 11 (10) 0 0 $7,804,070
At 3

Gran Premio Nacional (Uru-GI, 2500 meters, equal top weight, by 6 1⁄2, defeating Potri Flash, La Signora, Rienzo, Punto Com, Shoot Dancer, Imparcial, etc.).
Gran Premio Jockey Club (Uru-GI, 2000 meters, by3 1⁄2, defeating Potri Flash, Punto Com, etc.).
Polla de Potrillos (Uru-GI, 1600 meters, by 5 3⁄4, defeating Potri Flash, Potri Penarol, Vasco King, etc.).
Clasico Ensayo (Uru-GIII, 1500 meters, by 2 1⁄2, defeating Vasco King, Potri Flash, Potri Penarol, etc.).
A maiden special weight race at Maronas (1100meters, by 6 3⁄4, defeating Lyon, Arturo Solo, etc.).
At 4 in North America
Horse of the Year.
Champion older male


Breeders’ Cup Classic Powered by Dodge (G I, 1 1⁄4 miles, equal top weight, defeating Bernardini, Premium Tap, Giacomo, Brother Derek, George Washington, Lava Man, Perfect Drift, Lawyer Ron, Sun King, Flower Alley, Suave, David Junior).
Whitney H (G I, 1 1⁄8 miles, equal top weight, defeating Sun King, West Virginia, We Can Seek, Premium Tap, Wanderin Boy, Flower Alley, SiphonCity, Survivalist).
Pimlico Special H (G I, 1 3⁄16 miles, defeating Wanderin Boy, West Virginia, Harlington, We Can Seek).
Suburban H (G I, 11⁄4 miles, top-weighted, by 4 1⁄4, defeating Wild Desert, Andromeda’s Hero, Noble Causeway, Tap Day, Rathor, Wilko).
Won At 5 in North America
Donn H (G I, 1 1⁄8 miles, top-weighted, by 2, defeating Hesanoldsalt, A. P. Arrow, Chatain, Halos Sailing Sain, Tap Dancing Mauk, Barcola, Magna Graduate).
Won At 5 in United Arab Emirates
Emirates Airline Dubai World Cup (UAE-GI, 2000 meters, defeating Premium Tap, Bullish Luck, Vermilion, Forty Licks, Kandidate, Discreet Cat).

More photos of Invasor

At the office and wearing his game face

Click on these 3 pix to enlarge

Handsome, ain't he?


Power, size and beauty.


Lady Bertrando

And here's a couple of photos of Momma (Lady Bertrando)

Yup, all 4 hooves in the air :-)

Dark Beauty

A little about the majority owners

The Yorks of York Equine believe in Horses First and to that end are content to let their horses do what they love most... run free. Just Horses and Wind and Open Range... You can tell they love it. Nothing makes 'em happier.


More to come.

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