H O M E T h e   b a r n   p a g e   o f   p s w a l s h . c o m  

B A R N !! 

View from the Southeast

View from the West

From the Northwest

Just after completion

A huge thank you to Maurie Sumption who framed and plumbed an unframable space...
and a big hand for Paul and Val who did all the finishing work

The Barn Bathroom / Coffee Maker / Sink Room is Done!!

The opposing mini-counter (a small fridge will go to the right of this)

A detail shot of the "Money Tiles"

The business end of this final edition to the barn showing Privacy Wall

Showing the floor stencils and Paul's magazine rack :-)

A little box to hide the vent pipe in the ceiling of the new barn bathroom.

Val enjoys the view from the loft :-)

B a r n  C o n s t r u c t i o n   S h o t s:

The western and front sides

The locals agree, you could park a Sherman tank up in the loft with that much beef holding it up.

As seen beside the house from "over the rise"


This was taken Saturday. They finished the back and cupola Sunday - we'll post a good shot when we get back. Jim and Nanette were our superb roofers.

The Crew...

Dustin and Jimmy - and, yes, they were always this cheerful. Amazing guys.

Jim, our superb foreman and expert on every aspect of the construction.

This shows both the barn and the house.

Tomorrow the loft, stairs and roofing!


The weathervane

Here's how it looked at dusk on saturday, August 4th

it can SEE!

Here's my initial 3D rendering:

Here's the west face and floorplan:

Here's the east face (the most visible as you enter meadow):

Here's the south (downhill) face:

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