H O M E T h e   G a n g e s   a n d   S y d n e y   S p i t   J o u r n e y    p a g e   o f   p s w a l s h . c o m  

A crude chart of our little 120 hour tour.

Ricky, Marita and Valarie on the Flying Bridge

Valarie at the helm, guiding us out of the Ganges Inlet

Captain Rick and Marita's Toes.

Dusk, looking toward Sydney from the Sidney Spit dock,

Mt. Baker seen on our way to Sidney Spit.

Ganges as as seen from the bridge (Saltspring Island)

The salon of the "Here's To Ya" - our home for 5 days.

The Milky Way (our galaxy seen edge-on) descending into the night glow of Victoria.

Sidney at Night, under the stars

Paul's Feet

Ricky and Valarie having a Norman Rockwell Moment

Paul and Val - Roughing it here on the Gateway to Alaska

Rick and Marita take a stroll on the spit while Paul takes a stroll through the sound.

Sunset from the Spit.


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