H O M E T h e   L a c o n n e r - L a n g l e y - P o r t  T o w n s e n d  J o u r n e y    p a g e   o f   p s w a l s h . c o m  

First, we chart our 2 week course through the Salish Sea...

Wide View

The red line shows our path to and from Indian Island with stops along the way

Rick and Marita, our beloved friends, who so generously invite us out on these excursions. We love you guys.

The night before departure from Anacortes Marina.

Breakfast on the flying bridge

First Nations Crab Boats heading out with us.

Valarie and Captain Ricky up on the bridge deck.

A very competent Valarie at the wheel

Paul happy to take the wheel for a passage.

Paul enjoying a bridge break.

Marita's motto is "Best dinner in the bay" and she never fails - here is a cobb salad in the making.

Fishermen were showing these babies off wherever we went.

A beautiful model and a very old tree.

Full moon in the bay.

No explanation needed for this one.

Paul hard at work.

We arrive at Langley.

Downtown Langley and that model appears to be following me.

I think the whole Tiny Home thing might be getting out of control.

Architectural facing.

Looks like we found Dory.

The eye and hands of artists are in evidence everywhere on these islands

Mother nature, not to be outdone.

Val and Marita head out for an adventure

And return, unscathed.

Our beautiful, 1983, Monk designed, Miracle Marine built, 36 foot pleasure craft, the "Here's To Ya"

Just a random back yard in Port Angeles, the Wooden Boat Mecca.

Looking over the top of Port Townsend toward the Cascades.

Port Townsend is rightfully known for it's beautiful victorian architecture.

And it's local fauna.

These little Cabins are part of the Swan Hotel - just a few steps from the harbor.

If it's in the water, stuff grows on it.

So many beautiful old sailboats and I love the mechanical details.

Old school hook winch.

Fit and fitting finesse.

See what I mean? This is maritime artwork at its best,

Check out the beam on that baby and the beautiful wineglass finish.

The late-day view to the east from Port Townsend Marina.

A couple of Air Commanders showing their supremacy.

Oh, and THIS showed up to compete with Mt. Baker.

Here she is, unmolested.

Rick and Marita getting ready for the sunset on Indian Island

Mt. Rainier on the left and Seattle on the right. You can just make out the space needle between radio towers.

Hillock and mudflats at the southern mouth to the Swinomish Channel...

Which brings us back into Laconner.

A waterway in Laconner

This thing followed us the whole trip :-)

Gateway to the North, out of Laconner at dusk. Our last night before heading home to Anacortes and a ferry ride back to our home island.

Valarie chronicled the journey with these amazing Zentangle drawings...


Couldn't resist a little boat porn. This is the 135HP Perkins engine that purrs the Here's To Ya along for under a gallon an hour at 7 knots. Unheard of mileage and she has YEARS of mileage left in her. The beauty of marine diesel technology.

And, finally...

My I-Phone navigation app shows our late evening ferry about to arrive back home from our 7th cruise with Rick and Marita.

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