H O M E T h e   L o p e z  I s l a n d   a n d   D e e r  H a r b o r  J o u r n e y    p a g e   o f   p s w a l s h . c o m  


The Big Dipper over the outer bay at Roche Harbor

The lower helm in the morning - Coffee Time :-)

Captain Rick on the flying bridge, setting sights on the open channel

The prow of our boat under the stars

Looking back along the dock towards the Hotel de Haro

The flying bridge on the "Here's To Ya". This is where we spent most of the Journey.

The bow of the boat - a 36 foot Marine Trader

Two if our besties, Rick and Marita :-)

Looking past the anchor toward Henry Island

Another view of the boat and Henry Island.

Looking Good

Taken from the footpath to Roche Harbor

Val takes the helm. She is an Excellent pilot.

Paul and Val, looking just miserable :-)

Rick, Marita and Val sunning themselves in Lopez Village.

Hotel de Haro and Quarryman's Hall in Roche Harbor

The Hotel has spectacular gardens

The Madrona Grill in Roche Harbor, where we often for their delectable lamb burgers

Just a sample of the amazing plants in the Hotel garden - Does anyone know what this is???

Deer Harbor Marina

Val enjoying the view from the flying bridge in Deer Harbor

A Great Blue Heron hunting for fingerlings in Deer Harbor

Stranded jelly fish on the sandy beach at Deer Harbor

The helm of a nearby 50 footer.

The clouds leaving with us from Deer Harbor

A sailor finds the perfect tack out on the open channel.


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