H O M E T h e   n i k o n  p h o t o g r a p h y   p a g e   o f   p s w a l s h . c o m

I caught this pair of warbirds on a low pass at the Friday Harbor Fly-In.


I caught the mustang on a low pass and digitally meshed it with a lunar shot from the year before.


I caught this bad boy blinkin' his lid at me




Taken at South Beach after scrambling all the way down the hillside from the highway overlook :-)




This is before he took flight



Lime Kiln Lighthouse - we saw orcas that day




Val walking on top of the world - well, on top of Mt Young anyway :-)


Our barn after dark - 2 exposures of the same scene and a bonus meteorite :-)



Can you make out the big dipper in this night shot of our barn?




This may be my favorite of the night shots - this is the midnight view from our porch - you can see Scorpius on the left




I finally caught one of these bad boys :-)



No wonder they call them dragons... Caught him near a frog pond on San Juan Island.



Oh, and here's one of the frogs :-)



Our barn weather vane and a friend from the night before - combined in software




Looking toward the south end of Friday Harbor



A Winter sunset view on our meadow - the wetlands are on fire


My first shot of a Great Blue Heron!



Just a teenager



The power stroke.



Unfurling the glory


The singing sheep next door to us



Leaving Friday Harbor at dusk on a winter's night



From the outlook over South Beach on San Juan Island



Keeping an eye on the coming storm... the nest is at American Camp on San Juan Island



My mother returns to the sea



The shaman dreams of her return...



a fox... finishing dinner


big dipper just past dusk



floating ladder



Some Greens in Val's garden



Flight - SJI County Fair



Globular Cluster M13 - taken near a full moon - 90 second exposure




Neighbor's Farm



Here's lookin' at you.



Madrona Bark



View to the West



Flight Check



Anacortes Bound View of Mt. Baker



Friday Harbor
Stacked Decks



Blood Moon










On Deck





Tall Sails





Lake Boat










Sheep Stopper





Sun Spot





Craters and Lakes





Box Tree




















Got Bluebirds?










Waxwing Pride





Waxwing on Watch





Landing on Lopez





Old Timer (actually an adolescent)





The Nubbs










Eye Shadow




















Fine Dining





Stained Glass in the Grass



Ferry ceiling lights reflected in the window. A Kenmore Air deHavilland Beaver skids to a slower pace. Island Time.



The Anacortes Run