H O M E T h e   S i d n e y   M a r i n a  J o u r n e y    p a g e   o f   p s w a l s h . c o m  

The morning of departure.

Marita tending the fenders

In sprite of her post-surgical boot, Marita insisted on performing ALL of her first mate chores. Marita is AMAZING.

Leaving Friday Harbor Marina and heading up-channel.

Val and our friend Capt'n Rick as we head north

An overview of our target: Port of Sidney Marina

and here's a close up :-)

Snug in our moorage, the "Here's To Ya" shows off her fine form.

Breakfast. Val's potatoes and Rick-caught smoked salmon bennies on croissant with a dash of chipotle smoked hot sauce.

A view from the Marina office showing Mt. Baker in the distance.

It's a forest out there :-)


Val and Marita chattin' up a storm up on the flying bridge.

The moon, the stars and the bridge deck

Rick and Marita - Saturday on the town.

Coffee Stop in Sidney

At the Marina. The flowers all over town were amazing.

Returning Home - looking past the Gulf Islands to the North.

Last glimpse of Gulf Island rockery and mount Baker before rounding the bend for the Home Port.


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