For my friends over on Orcas.. and for anyone else looking for the best in free astronomy software for their PC

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Stellarium: An excellent, simple and simply beautiful natural sky planetarium

Celestia: A magnificent, interactive 3D Solar System simulator

Cartes Du Ciel: an advanced star charting program (worth riding the learning curve to master)

Here are links to Astro Physics' Polar Alignment cell phone APPS (depending on your device)

iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch App - Click this link to the "Astro-Physics PolarAlign" App
Windows Phone App -
Click this link to the "AP Polar Align" App
Android App -
Click this link to the "Polar Finder" App

I am also including a link to my Eyepiece Calculator (fovany.xls) - a simple spreadsheet program to generate a printable chart of powers for all your eyepieces:

Eyepiece Calculator (fovany.xls)
To calculate the magnifying power of any eyepiece for a given scope.

screen shot

Right-click here to save calculator to your local drive


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